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Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #38345

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Depression is a serious problem in this country. It needs to be assessed and diagnosed to determine the extent of the Depression, whether there are other aspects that can be a problem, such as manic or high-energy periods in one’s life, and the depth of the depression including suicidal thoughts so that an effective e treatment can be developed. Medication is often used to relieve serious Depression.

Depression is often a way we try to avoid feelings we don’t want to have, such as emotional pain, sadness, fear and hurt. To avoid these normal feelings that everyone has at some times in their lives, we may suppress or deny these feelings rather than expressing them. Whether because we think that no one wants to hear them or seems to care about our feelings or we fear that we will be thought less of or criticized for having these feelings, we try to avoid them. This is one of the reasons there is so much use of drugs and alcohol because these substances hide these feelings of pain and hurt with the “highs” associated with drugs and alcohol, until the “high” wears off.

Depression is best resolved by talk therapy with a mental health professional. The underlying thoughts, such as “I’m not good enough,” can explored so the patient can understand where those thoughts came from and whether to hold on to them or let them go. The patient gets validated for having the feelings and new techniques in communication are taught to express the feelings. It is also helpful to understand to if you are in a relationship with someone who tells you that “you are not good enough” so that you can decide to confront the person or change the relationship.

Medication is best used as a “bridge” until the patient is able to deal with their feelings and express them while they become stronger emotionally., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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