Larry Goodman, LMFT

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
Couples Counseling

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #38345

42-525 Rancho Mirage Ln, Rancho Mirage


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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling, marriage and pre-marital counseling can deal with anger, depression, anxiety, frustration, a lack of intimacy and communication issues.  

If you are thinking of or are already in the divorce process, I can help you deal with the anger, resentment and hurt feelings that get stirred up and show you how to become more postivie as a co-parent when children are involved.

When I work with couples, I help them become aware of and understand how their long-held beliefs and behaviors have created problems in their relationships that is not their fault.  Together, we explore how those beliefs, attitudes and behaviors have gotten in the way of their having the kind of relationships they desire.

I show them how to change these attitudes and beliefs so that they can become their own person, letting go of the old beliefs and attitudes and finding their real strengths and desires... and a healthier, more satisfying relationship.

I offer a unique approach to couples counseling in which I see both parties in joint sessions and also work with each of them individually in their own session to reinforce personal growth.  I discard blame, guilt and fault which get in the way of making positive change.  My focus is to stay positive in the present, not in the past or the future.  This helps individuals and couples deal with the real issues that get in the way of a better, more rewarding relationship. 

If I can help, please call me at:


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